Audio clip

The DX station that had been heard in my place was recorded. 

K4RX 17,Jun,2009 QSO's being able to do was only at this station though the signal of Florida at the station of three was confirmed on this day.
Operation from IOTA NA-223. 
This string Europe opened. I have suddenly heard it by a strong signal. It is big-gun of Finland. 
16,Jun,2009 I heard it with SSB in around daytime. It did for a while QSY was done to CW and QSO was done as a lot of JA. 
15,Jun,2009 QSO was able to be done by opening several days ago. This day was heard for a long time strong with stability. 
15,Jun,2009 I heard it the day before. 599 was strong by the peak on this day. 
15,Jun,2009 Europe opened with multi hop Es at long time.I heard it for one hour or more. 
07,Jun,2009 It opened it around 11z. After about 14z had been passed, it opened again. It was very strong in the peak with 599.
02,Jun,2009 It was very strong on this day though had opened the day before. The clip began to weaken the signal. 
30,July2008  I heard it very strongly about July though it ended. 
4X4DK 11,July2008  I heard it for a long time by multi hop Es in the afternoon. It was stronger before the clip was done. 
29,June2008  Opening with multi hop Es. The clip was good at QSO of JM1IGJ-OM of the local. 
17,Jul,2006  Some I was heard and existed on this day. I heard it very well in that. 
17,Jul,2006  It always saw in the cluster. The signal was heard for the first time. 
15,Jul,2006  Signal of 4S7 heard after a long time. It was strongly open though QSB.
09,Jul,2006  The report had been seen several times. It was the first time to hear. The signal was a strong, steady opening. 
F6FHP 10,Jul,2006  It was very strongly open. It was a dog pile of JA 's. 
DK2PH 10,Jul,2006  Some DL was heard. This station had opened most with stability. 
YU1EU 09,Jul,2006  Some YU was heard and existed. This station had opened very strongly. It is 599 at the peak. 
I0JX 09,Jul,2006 It is this station to have heard it first by the Eu opening on this day. I heard it by peak 559. 
9H1PA 09,Jul,2006  I heard it by peak 579. There was no callback though called by a lot of JA. 
9H1BT 09,Jul,2006  A lot of Eu was heard on this day. This station has memories that complete 6mWAC. I heard it by peak 599. 
SV8DTD 08,Jul,2006  It is 59 at the peak though had weakened when having recorded. 
SP6GWB 15,Jun,2006  I heard it by peak 579. Sc had opened acceptable before. 
NL7Z 11,Jun,2006  I heard it several times in the Es multi-hop. The peak had opened very strongly by 59+ on this day. 
IK0FTA 09,Jun,2006  This station was most strongly steady on this day.
9A2DS 09,Jun,2006  A lot of Eu was heard by propagation by Es on this day.
UN6P 09,Jun,2006  This station is Sc in 2003 had opened acceptable. 
5B4FL 09,Jun,2006  Opening by Es of every day. This day was heard very with stability. 
SV1DH 08,Jun,2006  It did not reach though it called though peak 579 heard by the Es multi-hop in the evening. 
K5UR 06,Jun,2006  It was very strongly open by the NA opening of every day. This day had opened to the vicinity of W4.
KL7IKV 06,Jun,2006  NA opens greatly by the multi hop of Es in the morning. It was very strong, and it was a peak and 599. 
9H5SD 30,Oct,2002  Eu opens strongly by LP. QSB was heard well though was. 
XV9DT 25,Oct,2002  Operation by OZ6DT where it is reported and good existed at this time. 
UN7QX 25,Oct,2002  It opens by SP in around daytime.
FJ5DX 17,Mar,2002  The Caribbean sea opens greatly after LP of Eu. It was very strong in LP. The pile was not greatly good at QSO. 
EH3LL 17,Mar,2002  It opens with LP at night. It was strongly open at long time. 
EH3CQQ 17,Mar,2002  It opens with LP at night. It was experienced for the first time that Eu opened with LP at night. 
FR1GZ 15,Mar,2002  It opens unusually by direct passing in the evening at this time. 
14,Mar,2002  Opening by LP in morning.
05,Mar,2002  Operation by special permission of limited time by 6m. 
IT9RZR 05,Mar,2002  Station heard by always strong signal. This is opening by LP in the morning. 
KH0/JM1LRQ 15,Feb,2002  Operation from Saipan by JM1LRQ.
ON4GG 14,Feb,2002  Opening from direction of 250° by Sc. QSO cannot have been done. 
10,Feb,2002  The pileup of Europe in a short passing was QSO and it existed now. 
OK1DDO 10,Feb,2002  Opening by Sc in direction of the southwest. 
03,Feb,2002  Operation by JA8CCL. Irregular call sign that uses Saficcs after 9M9.
03,Feb,2002  The W stations was heard east well and existed since the morning on this day. It is sudden SSB and opening in strength. 
4L4FN/P5 02,Feb,2002  The signal was the strongest in the current heard with 21MHz SSB. QRV was done after this by even 6m. 
9M9/7M2VPR 26,Jan,2002  The first operation that uses 9M9 for the foreigner's operation with past 9M6. 
HC8N 20,Nov,2001  It is a voice that OP recorded in the locale. Operation is wonderful. a very contest station
06,May,2000  It is a voice to which JA9LSZ of OP was recorded in the locale. It was recorded only for 23 minutes in the all days.(special thanks JA9LSZ & JE9WSD)